Take a Drink Game - The Christmas Game
Take a Drink Game - The Christmas Game

Take a Drink Game - The Christmas Game

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A fun drinking game to play with friends, family, or anyone old enough to drink!

Play with as few or as many people as you want, as long as everyone’s got a “Take a Drink” cup to play along with.

Let everyone join in on the fun of the game, or keep it covert and discrete as an inside joke between the group playing. Anyway you want to play it, get ready to Take a Drink!

How to Play:

Take a drink every time one of the listed events on the cup takes place! If you happen to be the one who enacts one of the listed events, you must drink twice!

The first person to finish their drink, wins a new one!

The Christmas Party Game

What You Need:

  • A set of “Take a Drink” cups
  • Family and / or Friends
  • A Christmas gathering
  • A drink of choice

Drinking event to take place, including;

  • Someone keeps the wrapping paper to reuse
  • Someone makes a Christmas toast or speech
  • Someone makes a comment about your drinking
  • “Secret Santa” takes place
  • Someone falls asleep
  • Someone needs scissors to open their gift
  • “Merry Christmas” is said in an overly joyous fashion
  • Someone makes a grand entrance to the party
  • Someone receives socks as a gift
  • Someone starts gossiping

And many more!

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